Keno-the forgotten game .

Keno is a game that has been relegated to the dining rooms and side halls of even the most prestigious casinos. There isn’t many casinos, even in Las Vegas, that offer Keno as one of its premier games and a player will never be able to find a hotly contested Keno tournament on television like more famed table games. However, there is no reason that a player shouldn’t pay attention to Keno

In fact, the exact opposite is true. Additionally, the lack of attention that Flash Keno and Download Keno garners from online gamblers is the exact reason that serious online gamblers should pay attention; there is money to be made.

The battleground of online casino games is ripe for the picking for those online gamblers that are willing to put in the time to learn Keno, and more importantly learn the best places to play.

An excellent way to start to learn is to find an online casino that offers a free Keno download. A Keno download will put a player well on their way to where they want to go.

However, coming across a free Keno download is becoming progressively harder to obtain because of the proliferation of more popular table games and the lack of knowledge about Keno by many novice gamblers. By playing the game of Keno, just the mere act of logging in to an online casino and playing Keno, can help spread the game to new people that have never experienced it before. 

Getting a site that will let a player download Keno is the first step. All online casinos that we are linking to from this web site offer keno as download and no download flash version. 

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Enjoy free no download keno games in our recommended flash casinos or download keno for free. Good luck!